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10" Jumbo Agave  Long Straw

10" Jumbo Agave Long Straw

10" / 7.3mm diameter Agave ( Jumbo Smoothie ) Straw

Case:  1,500 pieces, four 375 inner packs


Sku# ( JNA25U )


  • For Hot and Cold Drinks
  • No added PFAS
  • BPA Free
  • With Natural & Organic Pigments
  • Made from agave and other plant-based fibers
  • Biodegradation from 12 to 60 months in landfill or landfill conditions
  • Does not melt in your drink, works great with smoothies
    Screenshot 2023-05-25_01-26-32-328.jpg

                 Home Compostable            BPA Free               Reduce Oil               Reduce CO                   Recyclable             Made in Mexico        No Micro-Plastics
                                                                                Consumption                Emissions            


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